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Testing Infrastructure

For testing, both Service User and Service Provider can use simulators to test against their respective counterparties. Please contact us to get access to the respective UI.

To get a detailed technical understanding of each API call, both the Service Users and Service Providers can also use our Postman Collection.


For bLink participants and applicants the following two external test environments are available:

  • "XE" which stands for "eXterne Testumgebung mit Entwicklungsstand", or external test environment with development version
  • "XP" which stands for "eXterne Testumgebung mit Produktionsstand", or external test environment with production version

The Service User and Service Provider simulators can only be used in one of the above test environments. Please make sure to connect them to your test – not productive – environments only.

In both environments you can carry out tests during the bLink implementation phase. Performing tests in the testing environment has no effects on any live data, since the data used in this testing mode is synthetic. Accordingly, the information that is exchanged is fictitious and independent from the production environment and cannot be viewed by any counterparty.

API Reference

Please note that in API Reference, you will only find "Testing" and "Production". This is because usually, both XP and Production have the same version. "Testing" will therefore usually refer to the version available on the XE environment