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Account Object

This object represents an personal or corporate account used in the AIS Module.


unique identifier (UUID) of the account for which information shall be retrieve. The TPP receives this identification from the bank. Format:

  • The accountId must start and end with an alphanumeric character.

  • The accountId may contain the following characters: alphanumeric characters, dot, dash, underscore.

  • The accountId must contain between 1 and 256 characters.

Example: 550e8400e29b11d4a716446655440000

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN), associated with the account. The IBAN number consists of a two-letter country code, followed by two check digits, and up to thirty-four alphanumeric characters (max. length: 34).

Example: CH9300762011623852957

The currency denominated and set for the account at the time it is opened (max. length: 3).

Example: CHF

The account designation/description (max. length: 140).

Example: Business Account